An easy .NET API for RabbitMQ



EasyNetQ is the leading client API for RabbitMQ on .NET, with over 4 million downloads on NuGet.org. It is an open source project originally sponsored by 15below the travel industry experts.

Read this VMWare whitepaper describing how 15below dramatically simplified their application architecture with EasyNetQ and RabbitMQ.

Watch the author, Mike Hadlow, giving a demo of EasyNetQ at QCon London. And listen to Mike talking about EasyNetQ on Dot Net Rocks.

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Easy to use

We designed EasyNetQ to be as simple as possible. Get started publishing and subscribing with RabbitMQ with just a few lines of code:

To connect to a RabbitMQ broker...

var bus = RabbitHutch.CreateBus("host=localhost");

To publish...


To subscribe...

bus.Subscribe<MyMessage>("my_subscription_id", msg => 

For more information, read the documentation:

Documentation »

Easy to install

EasyNetQ is on NuGet. To install it, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

  PM> Install-Package EasyNetQ

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Open Source

EasyNetQ is open source under the MIT licence. This means you can take the code and do what you like with it. Embed it in your commercial product without attribution, or fork the code and release it under a new name.

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Easy to find out more

Discussion Group »

Mike Hadlow's blog »


Management Client

The EasyNetQ project also includes a .NET client library for the RabbitMQ management API, EasyNetQ.Management.Client. Perfect for building management, monitoring and deployment tools.

Install it with NuGet:

  PM> Install-Package EasyNetQ.Management.Client

Management Client Documentation »